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Organic wine is a wine that is made from grapes that were farmed organically. A Biodynamic wine goes beyond organic practices in an effort to balance the entire vineyard with nature. Biodynamic farming is a kind of ‘organic plus’ – the two approaches share in their attention to vineyard ecology. Both refrain from using chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, instead opting for locally-sourced and natural alternatives

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  1. Schlossbrauerei Stein Hefeweissbier Hell NON-ALCOHOLIC (organic) 500ml
    Country Germany
    12 Bottles | Non-Alcoholic
    (aka Schlossbrauerei Hefeweissbier)
    BBD: 13 NOV 2023

    Was: HK$398.00

    Now: HK$378.00

    Heinz von Stein ALCOHOL-FREE BIO-Hefeweissbier (Organic) 500ml [ case of 12 ]

    This NON-ALCOHOLIC ORGANIC Wheat Beer is nicely malty with a refreshingly fruity aftertaste.
    The ideal isotonic drink to reinvigorate after exercise.

    Style: top-fermented yeast, non-alcoholic amber Wheat Beer

  2.  Fuller's Honey Dew Organic Ale
    Country England
    12 Bottles

    Fuller's Honey Dew Organic Ale 500ml [case of 12]

    Organic Honey Dew is an organic, refreshing golden beer. With the finest organic honey and English malts and hops for a wonderfully balanced, zesty beer with a hint of sweetness.

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