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Organic wine is a wine that is made from grapes that were farmed organically. A Biodynamic wine goes beyond organic practices in an effort to balance the entire vineyard with nature. Biodynamic farming is a kind of ‘organic plus’ – the two approaches share in their attention to vineyard ecology. Both refrain from using chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, instead opting for locally-sourced and natural alternatives

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  1. Domaine de Michelet, Buzet, France
    Country France
    Region Buzet
    Grape Cab Franc, Merlot
    Organic, Vegan, No Added Sulphites
    and Bee Friendly!

    Was: HK$118.00

    Now: HK$106.00

    Domaine de Michelet, Buzet, France

    Aromatic nose of red and black fruits ripe and cooked prune notes, spices and smoke. The palate is powerful yet soft, beautifully fleshy and fruity with light tannins.

    Domaine de Michelet is a natural vegan red wine. No products of animal origin, such as egg whites, have been used to improve the clarity and stability of the wine. It is also bee freindly and sulphite-free.Because of the lack of protection provided by sulphites, do not store the bottle when opened.

    'Bee Friendly' guarantees that the growing practices used are bee friendly. Bees are an excellent indicator of a healthy environment surrounding the vines.
    Wine type: Red Wine
    Vintage: 2020

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