Our Pick-Up Locations

If you order anytime before 8:00am on Friday morning, you can now choose the "PICK-UP" option upon checking-out.
We will deliver your order to your selected location (listed below). You may collect after 5PM (or any other day,) as per the opening times.

Delivery to the pickup location is free, there is no minimum order. You can order just one bottle if you like!

- Payment is required at time of the order, either by online bank transfer or ONLINE paypal/credit card. We cannot accept any payment* at the Pick-Up location excapet Lamm Island.
- To Collect. Please show a copy of your order confirmation email we sent you that includes your Order Number #. (Either a print-out or on the screen of your smartphone).
- We will deliver to the selected Pick-Up location by 5pm each Friday. Your order will NOT be available before this time.

- The Pick-up option is final once delivered. If you change your mind we cannot offer delivery to your office or home.
- Order placed after 8:00am on a Friday will not be delivered till the following week. If the service becomes popular we may offer addtional days and locations.
- The Winerack Shops stock a full range of wines subject to availablty. If you want to purchase a particular wine direct from them, please check with them that they have it in stock.